Tablets of Fate

Legend has it that the Old Gods conspired in some way to set the world moving along a very particular path. To what end, no one knows, but we call this path Fate. This is not the kind of fate that governs what a particular individual will do with his or her life, but rather it acts on the aggregate decisions of all, guiding the emergent behaviors of the whole world.

When the Old Gods saw that the time of newer, younger gods was at hand, they purportedly sealed their power away in eight stone tablets, so that none could ever unravel the destiny they had in store for the world. Each of these tablets was entrusted to a different ancient race to hide and protect.

Every 10,000 years, there is said to be a certain astrological conjunction that temporarily weakens the veil separating the world from the primordial chaos without. The Old Gods sealed our world within an ethereal envelope… When this veil is thin, it can temporarily crack and tear. It is said to be possible for one who possess all eight Tablets of Fate to use their combined power to wedge open these cracks in the fabric of the veil, and ultimately to allow the chaos to bleed into the world, sapping the power of Law to govern the world. There are those who believe that only by overthrowing law and destiny can we be truly free to discover and define for ourselves what our world will be.

Special Effects
These mysterious stone slabs (~50 lbs) look mundane on first glance, but closer examination reveals a subtle vibration in the space around them. Furthermore, the queer runes with which they are carved bear little resemblance to any modern language or symbols. Staring at them for any length of time can be entrancing, and the watcher will see the runes slowly bleed back and forth, and faintly flicker with strange colors.

Prolonged study gives a PC the opportunity to glimpse some of the secrets of the Old Gods. Characters may make an Intelligence check at -1/2 for each Tablet that remains unrecovered (rounding down). They then get to roll on the Boon Table. A minor boon is provided free; the character may then choose to turn away in horror before accepting the whole revelation. However, a major boon is available for those who accept the knowledge with open hearts… if they FAIL a Wisdom check at -1/2 for each unrecovered Tablet, they gain both the minor and the major boon, but must also roll on the Hindrance Table for a negative side effect.

Tablets of Fate

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