Erstwhile PCs

Kroenig the unfortunate dwarven explorer was rescued from a cave-in by the party. He briefly joined in their exploits, but later in the same ruins of the dwarven undercity beneath Cal’Thracar, he was abducted and sacrificed by a sinister drow cult. A powerful, evil dagger was found buried in his chest; in its handle was encased the body of a comatose faerie, who’s life energy powered the dark magic coursing through the blade.

Illiana the punkrock bard was a comrade of the Gnome, Chomski, who had been sent to rendezvous with the party outside of New Eridell and guide them in to the revolutionaries’ hideout. She joined them briefly in their adventures in the city, but tragically died in a terrorist explosion while on stage in a concert to benefit the party’s effort to dislodge a waste blockage that was creating an ecological crisis for the city. Her tressym familiar, Rocky, was adopted by Taliyana.

Murdock the mercenary was a roguish brute who had been with the party from the beginning. When reaching New Eridell he fell in with the wrong crowd who preyed on his acquisitive nature, and, lacking much loyalty to the party in the first place, he parted ways with them and joined up with the local thieves’ guild to rule the undercity.

Gortas the dwarven soldier-of-fortune had joined up with the party in Rathgard, the dwarven trading post the party had first passed through on their way into the dwarven realms. He was assigned to monitor them in Rathgard, but threw in with them to seek adventure and glory outside of the safe confines of dwarven society. With Murdock, he decided it might be more lucrative to accept employment with the New Eridell thieves’ guild than to continue on to greater danger with the party.

Ironblood the bugbear shaman was an acolyte of Skragnoze the goblin witchdoctor. He was sent by Skragnoze to intercept the party and bring them to the witchdoctor so they could help him manipulate the local goblin warlord. He found a following of beastmen and other assorted humanoids in the shantytown on the outskirts of New Eridell, and decided to live amongst them as a guru rather than continue on with the party when they left.

Erstwhile PCs

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