The city-state of Dartonia is the largest human metropolis on the Western seaboard. It is dominated by a citadel atop a large acropolis with forums and public spaces below, surrounded by concentric urban residential rings of decreasing prestige, gradually giving way to farmsteads and wooded fields.

Dartonia sits at the delta of a river (name?) and benefits from all manner of trade. It controls several small resource-gathering colonies in the area, including Arinh to the North-East. It does a lot of business with the Dwarven realms through the nearby Dwarven trading-post and border-town, Rathgard.

Dartonia is currently ruled by a Regent named Hanse Palamedes, while a search for a rightful King proceeds. Hanse has a high approval rating among the human populace and enjoys a reputation for fair and just decision-making. However, rumors persist that he maintains close ties with thieves’ and assassins’ guilds, and that he uses these associates to put down dissent and maintain order.

Hanse placed his cousin, Titus Palamedes, in charge of the colony of Arinh.


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