Tablets of Fate

Further Down Under

Ship to ship progress

The party moved through a porthole into a small adjoining ship. Korog popped open the door, revealing a trio of snarling saguahin leaning over a table on which was strapped a bloody and battered half-elf, who they were evidently torturing. They clubbed and blasted the vile fishmen to death, and Tosh undid their victim’s bonds. He turned out to be an assassin/cultist named Blink “Rodgers” Ayi who had been treasure hunting with pirates, when the Reef Lord got ahold of their ship and dragged them down to the sea floor to add to his labyrinth. Blynk decided to join the group.

Then exited via the opposite porthole, which led into another large iron diving bell. This time Korog opened the hatch much more slowly and quietly, and peering through, a large clan of more saguahin could be seen in some kind of revelry. Taliyana stepped past Korog, leveled her staff, and discharged a massive thunderbolt into the crowd! This initiated a furious assault, which left 20 of the fish men dead at the hand of the party, their king butchered from behind by the stealthy Blynk.

A pool in the corner led to an underwater tunnel which came up inside another upside-down longship. Blynk and Tosh went ahead to check it out. Emerging from the water, they were greeted by a hail of spines, shot by a group of poisonous silver urchins lining the ceiling there. While the puncture wounds stung, luckily they both resisted the poison, and returned to warn their comrades. As the rest contrived ways to breathe underwater, Sinbreena swam ahead and, from beneath the surface, willed her new fire ring to incinerate the pesky urchins. When it was safe, the rest of the party emerged, standing in water a couple of feet deep.

Then Tosh went ahead to check out another porthole in the ship’s hull. Beyond a short corridor he found another submerged hatch. Opening it revealed a massive water-filled cargo freight ship, and several dark hulking forms floating within. One of them stirred at the commotion, and began darting over towards Tosh… it was a 16’ saltwater vodyanoi – legendary aquatic cousins of umber hulks. Tosh burbled “Nope,” and quickly spun the hatch closed again, backpedaling down the corridor to the longship.

Seconds later, a horrible rending sound echoed through the longship’s hull. The vodyanoi had torn the entire hatch off, and was smashing it’s way through the corridor! Tosh warned the party what was coming and they brandished their weapons. In a few more seconds, the massive green rubbery form tore off the inside hatch, and lumbered into the long ship! Korog, Biff, and Tosh stood ready to meet it, assailing it with blows and as it clawed and bit them. Blynk climbed up to the ceiling and readied his bow, as Sin and Tali made ready to cast spells. But before they could, another vodyanoi crashed right through the side hull of the ship, directly in front of Taliyana! A torrent of sea water poured in with it, quickly raising the water line by an inch per second. It bore down on Tali, slapping with it’s webbed claws, but her Stoneskin spell protected her from the worst of it. She conjured illusory Mirror Images, stepped back, and jolted the monster with electricity as Sin tried to Charm it. Blynk fired on it from above.

Meanwhile, the others slew the first vodyanoi to breach the ship, and Biff drove his massive 2-handed sword hilt-deep into the gut of another that crawled in behind it, wrenching it out as Korog and Tosh finished it off. Then the enraged half-ogre roared a challenge, leveled his bloody sword, and launched himself onto the torrent of on-rushing water, torpedoing himself to slam into the next vodyanoi, knocking it back into the cargo freighter, and there running it through.

Sin, Tali, and Blynk finally blasted the the other one to death, and could see a fifth one lurking outside the hull breach, surrounded by a swarm of electric eels! They began surging shocks through the water, jolting Sin and Tali, but finally the spellcasters summoned enough magic to blast them all to oblivion. The vodyanoi assault had been survived, though the party was bloody and bruised, in a rapidly-flooding creaky boat on the bottom of the sea.


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