Tablets of Fate

Are You Not Entertained?!?

The Thirst Games

With their chamber rapidly flooding, there was no time to pause and rest. Tosh opened the only remaining intact porthole to reveal a wooden corridor slanting upwards. He began to scramble up it, followed by everyone else.

Tosh carefully opened the porthole on the other end of the corridor, revealing a scene of gruesome entertainment unfolding below. A large upturned carrack had been built a kind of gladiatorial combat arena, and all around on the remnants of what had been the deck were perched more of the abominable saguahin fish men. They hooted and jeered at the carnage that was on display below where, on the muddy sea floor, a trio of mermen stood back to back, squaring off against a fearsome 40’ long minotaur-lizard on the one hand, and a revolting octopoid morkoth on the other!

The party burst forth onto what was, for all practical purposes, a wooden catwalk around the ships hull. Tosh ran right, careening into a saguahin, taking him behind the knee with a sword slash, and almost knocking him off. Korog and Blynk leapt down into the mud, taking a couple of guards unaware, as Blynk created a globe of darkness in the corner of the ship. Taliyana, astride her wolf familiar, padded after Tosh, slinging magic missiles down into an increasingly chaotic arena. Sinbreena strode in the other direction, moving left on the catwalk towards a row of saguahin who were just rising to their feet and clutching their spears – she summoned a Bigby’s Forceful Hand, basically a hand-shaped plane of force that began to slowly push forward ahead of her, shoving against the saguahin and pushing them back into each other. A few lost their balance and fell to the mud pit below, but this just caught the attention of the giant lizard. The great beast looked up at the Sha’ir, stood up on it’s hind legs, and began clawing and nipping at her, slicing her grievously. Across the ship, Taliyana let loose a mighty bolt of lightning from her staff at the morkoth… but the bolt seemed to simply bounce off the thing’s rubbery skin and flew right back at her, jolting her and Sylas! Ahead, Tosh continued his mad charge across the catwalk, plunging his short sword into another bewildered saguahin and kicking him down to the mud pit below. Several others got their bearings and begin hurling daggers and spears to little effect.

Without warning, back near the entrance porthole, a puff of smoke preceded the appearance of a small but rotund gnome clad all in grey robes. Had anyone been looking, they would have seen his eyes narrow with malice as he caught sight of Sinbreena fending off those lizard claws, and he began stalking towards her, incanting. Then Tipton, the Grand Evoker, come seeking vengeance from another dimension, shouted, “Oy! Bitch! Ya think you can steal MY choke spells do ya! Here I got another spell for ya, since ya seem to like ’em so much! FOGBOLT!” and he hurled a puffy white glob at her, which struck and grew about her, now covering her with a clingy, dense cloud of fog.

Sinbreena stumbled back from the edge, avoiding the lizard, and focused her sight through Maximus to locate the gnome’s position, then willed a searing bolt of fire to strike him from her ring. Across the ship, Taliyana noticed the commotion too, and fired off another salvo of magic missiles to strike the offending gnome. Tipton staggered to his knees, whimpering and beating out the flames on his cloak, before uttering one more incantation, and blinking back out of existence.

Down below, Korog was laying waste to a small crowd of saguahin, crushing their poor fishy skulls. A ring of broken bodies lay all about him. Nearby, Blynk stood with bow raised, shooting arrow after arrow into the large monsters and saguahin. He paused every now and then to utter a prayer, Heating the Metal manacles and collars of the large monsters, further enraging them.

Sinbreena donned her Icicle of Isolation and descended into the pit. She was invisible now, but so too was everyone else from her perspective. She staggered over to the other side of the ship, climbed back up, removed the necklace, and found herself behind a couple more saguahin who were bracing to receive Tosh’s charge. She drew her poisoned stilleto and viciously shanked one in the back.

Korog charged up and finished off the Morkoth while Taliyana chanced another lightning bolt, this time at the lizard, which burned through it ending it’s life. Korog then charged up the charred beast to the catwalk, to ponce back down on the remaining saguahin, leaving only one alive with the point of Tosh’s sword at its neck. It surrendered.



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