Hanse Palamedes

Regent Lord of Dartonia


human fighter


Hanse became Regent of the city-state of Dartonia after the old King died a few years ago. There is an on-going search for his rightful heir, although it is questionable how hard Hanse’s forces are looking. The people are in no hurry though, for Hanse is widely regarded as a competent and fair leader, and under his rule the humans have experienced a considerable increase in their standard of living, and Dartonia has absorbed nearby territories to great profit. Despite his popularity, rumors persist that he relies on organized crime (thieves and assassins) to enforce his will and maintain control.

He is cousin to Titus Palamedes, who he appointed to govern the nearby colony of Arinh and ensure a steady stream of timber and ore revenue into Dartonia’s coffers .

Hanse Palamedes

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