Titus Palamedes

Governor of Arinh


human fighter/mage


Titus is a combat veteran, and accomplished diplomat, and a learned scholar of ancient history. He is also cousin to Regent Hanse Palamedes, who for some reason vindictively assigned Titus to manage the remote outpost of Arinh. There must be a rocky history between the two, for Titus’ skills are under-utilized here. Perhaps Hanse thinks Titus is a threat to his power, and so he want him out of the way. This theory is supported by the absurdly high quotas Hanse has imposed on Arinh for resource production. To even get close to reaching these quotas, Titus must rely on imported slave labor to augment the meager population of colonists. To that end, he has hired Content Not Found: tath-stormblade to manage day-to-day affairs at the mine and timber mill. This frees up Titus to study and commiserate with his many scouts and spies. Skruffdoodle thinks he may know of the Tablets and is scheming to get them, too.

Titus Palamedes

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