Tablets of Fate

To the Reef Lord's Demesnes

Our heroes get wet and wild!

The next day they returned to Ras’Nassi’s mountain castle, and prepared for their mission. They would submerge through a pool in the island’s center (although the island turned out to be a giant turtle known as a zaratan)…


…and head for an opening in a wrecked submersible gnomish diving bell that would lead to the Reef Lord’s demesnes – a labyrinth constructed of ships wrecked by reef giants and dragged to the bottom of an undersea trench. They drank some potions of water-breathing and began their descent!

2 miles later, they found themselves inside the rusting diving bell. Biff found a hatch and cranked the wheel until it popped inward, and the water filling the diving bell gushed forward into an upside down longship that contained an air pocket. The party tumbled inside and closed the hatch behind them, sealing out the ocean water. On the sandy floor inside the room created by the upside down ship, they found a corroded statue of a warrior clutching a spear, and with it a Ring of Free Action! After pausing to investigate their new environment, they found another hatch to the West and opened that too… it lead to a short but dry passageway of wood, leading to yet another hatch.

Biff stepped through first, and saw another upturned longship, dimly illuminated with torches. A foot or so of water covered the floor, and in the center of the space two voluptuous, scantily-clad, blue-skinned female humanoids sat at a table playing Go Fish. They turned at the sound of the hatch opening and when they saw Biff, abruptly stood up, knocking over the table and drawing curved blades! Biff bellowed and charged in, swinging his 2-handed sword and delivering a powerful chop that send the first female splashing to the floor, trying to hold her guts in. In a flurry of fur, Korog swept past and charged the second one, swatting her sword out of her hand with his flind bar. She lept at him, trying to wrap her arms and legs about him, but he whirled out of the way.

Meanwhile Tosh, Sin, and Tali crept in behind the fray. Suddenly Tosh screamed as something punctured his shoulder from behind! He and the spellcasters wheeled around, but nothing was there save a subtle ripple in the water. Tali thrust her lighting staff into the water at her feet and let loose a surge of electricity, which elicited a scream of “Ahh! Bitch!” .Now something jabbed at Tali, cracking off more Stone Skin, but she lunged and grabbed ahold of what seemed to be an invisible spear or javelin. Sin threw a dagger and hit some invisible foe, who them seemed to slump into the water putting up no more fight. Behind them Korog was savagely clubbing the other blue female to death, while Biff was trussing up the one he had downed (and barely containing an urge to ravish that sweet, sweet Sirene flesh). Tali stepped over him and thrust her newfound glowing javelin through the Sirene’s neck, killing her instantly. The threat was quelled.



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