Tablets of Fate

To The Island of the Thunder Lizards

Pirate Ambush

After a week’s voyage, they came to the place where the island was supposed to be according to Taliyana’s reckoning. There were just some rock fragments poking up from the sea! On one of them was perched a voluptuous young lady, beckoning them. She turned out to be a nereid, a sea nymph compelled to act as a lure for a trap that was about to be sprung. Suddenly, 3 pirate warships appeared all around, coming out from behind rock formations, and descended on the party! Fireballs and assorted magical sabotage made short work of one. Another came along side and Gith boarders made a bloody entry, but were repelled. Magical attacks and catapult fire decimated the party’s crew of villagers. The third ship came careening in, disabled and blinded, and smashed violently into the party’s ship, nearly cracking it in two. Luckily, everyone jumped ship and took over the Giths’ vessel. Captain Dan was the only surviving member of the Scurvy Crew. The other ships slowly sank together, locked in a deadly embrace. Another, 4th pirate ship, could be seen slipping away off in the distance as the party caught their breath and began to explore their new ship. They found, among other things, a small library of Gith texts, with scrawling indicating they may have been searching for a Tablet, too!


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