Tablets of Fate

The Lizardman Tablet!

Perpetrating a Henious Hoax

They followed a trail of destruction from the giants back to a large lizardman village. Taliyana used illusion magic to convince the lizardman king that she was a dragon envoy from their mythical terrible thunder-lizard ancestor gods, and they became friendly. Back at the village, the PCs agreed to provide a human sacrifice in exchange for knowledge of the next Tablet. They secretly polymorphed a frog into a human. Tosh and Taliyana perpetrated an elaborate con on the lizardmen, leaving them in a state of acute spiritual confusion while Sinbrena infiltrated their pyramid and made off with their precious Tablet (one of the two so-called Eyes of Lizera, the other of which was lost millenia ago, initiating a process of devolution in their species according to their folklore).


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