Tablets of Fate

The Hedge Wizard

Radical Revolutionaries and Eco-Terrorists

Sinbreena discovered a secret hatch underneath the bar. A passage led to another structure, in which the party met Haakma the beastman and Peero the hin. The two were firming up a pact between their respective terrorist organizations, The Wild and Dondella Revani. They asked the party to assassinate a corrupt druid-turned-agromancer, nick-named “The Hedge Wizard,” who’s been terraforming the lush Eastern forests into flat farmland to feed New Eridell’s expanding population (and in the process displacing Hin villages, too). The party agreed if, in exchange, the terrorists would disrupt New Eridell’s food convoys in order to increase unrest among the masses (and provide Murdock with a Hin prostitute).

Then the party set off to find the Hedge Wizard. His keep was in the center of a small but dense forest on the edge of the Bread Basket, and was defended by a number of ferocious plants. Although Korog was nearly devoured by a man-eating tree, the party managed to subdue the foliage. Sinbreena infiltrated the door-less tower in wraithform, and with Taliyana’s and Dusty’s help, fought and killed the Hedge Wizard before discovering that he had become trapped in his own tower when his plants turned against him.

Having left the Tower of the Hedge Wizard a smoking ruin, the party returned to New Eridell. On the edge of town, Taliyana released am experimental Bird Flu into the crow population, to deteriorate their vision and hinder the surveillance of Vladius, the Master of Murders.

As they entered the lower levels of the city, the party observed that tensions were high. As promised, Peero and Haakma had hijacked food supplies and struck at granaries. Drizzimmy was riling up the workers, but Taliyana intimidated him into silence for the time being…

The gnome Chomski furiously confronts the party over their involvement with terrorist activities, claiming violence will undermine the legitimacy of the workers’ cause. They mollify him by giving him the stolen food supplies to distribute, and occupy him with the task of preparing to make demands of the Ruling Council. Meanwhile, Tosh attracts a crowd of Hinfolk and preaches the virtues of a nomadic lifestlye, changing their perspective on losing their villages.


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