Tablets of Fate

The Goblin Witchdoctor

Nightmares and Intrigue

They hike West out of the Blasted Lands, into the Sundered Valley where they help the dwarven construction crew slay a giant, and await reinforcements. While there, they begin having strange dreams that morph into nightmares, after which they meet Ironblood, a bugbear who works for a witchdoctor named Skragnoze. Ironblood guides them to his employer, who recruits them into his scheme to mind-control the goblin king Rip-Tongue Doom, despotic leader of Gobtham City.

The PCs fetch ingredients for a strange sleeping potion: the bark of a borrachera tree from a monastic goblin village, and the root of an ayahuasca plant from the bowels of a mine (at the end of a roller-coaster of a mine-cart ride!).

They pose as a party of evil monsters and parley with the goblins to gain an audience with the King. Taliyana convinces him that the Drow Queen wants in on the goblin-giant alliance, and at a celebratory feast, Gortas poses as an assassin and the party convinces the king to drink the potion (“antidote”) to counter-act the dwarf’s fake poison.


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