Tablets of Fate


"Fun Rock and Roll... to Unblock Our Hole!"

They then put on the concert event, Sludgeapalooza: Unblock Our Hole, drawing a crowd of thousands and raising almost half the money required to build the depth charge. Illiana and her band rocked hard, and Sinbreena provided illusory pyrotechnics, but suddenly a REAL fireball detonated on stage, incinerating Illiana along with several band members! The party captured a couple of suspicious half-ogres in the crowd, and dragged them to the lip of the Butthole to interrogate them before tossing them down. They claimed to be working for the Merchants’ Guild, but were just supposed to crack a few skulls, not blow up the whole stage…

The party goes to confront the Merchants’ Guild. In their executive council chambers, Taliyana strong-arms them into agreeing to paying for the rest of the depth charge, as well as medical costs for those injured at the concert. They strike an unsteady alliance to find out who really detonated the fireball at the concert.

That night, Shaka’s departed spirit visits Taliyana in a dream, with help from Skragnoze the witchdoctor. Shaka seems to want the party to find someone named Haakma, and to help the indigenous beastmen reclaim their canyon-lands.

The next day, Tosh, Sinbreena, and Chomski seek out Drizzimmy, the unruly demagogue from the town square massacre a few days ago. He drunkenly befriends them, and agrees to prepare the masses for a full-scale riot (framing the City Guard), and hopes to blow up the support beams holding up the upper tier of the city.

The party reunites, hides the gnomish inventor working on the depth charge (telling him the Merchant Guild wants him dead), and heads down to the Shantytown in search of Haakma, bringing several wagons of goods to distribute to the impoverished humanoids there. Enjoying the good will of the people, they come to a pavilion/tavern Taliyana recognizes from her dream. Inside, just as they are inquiring after Haakma, a squad of guards bursts in and attempts to arrest them! The party vanquished them, hid the bodies, butchered their horses, and fed them to the locals.


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