Tablets of Fate

Into the Blasted Lands

searching for Orcs

Exiting the city through an abandoned underground highway, the PC’s emerged on a perilous high mountain trail. They pick their way down the mountain, solving riddles as they go, and finally at to base of the mountains came to a roaring river, which led to a bridge that was guarded by riddle-hating trolls. They ambushed Tosh and fought savagely before being defeated.

Finally entering the badlands, the party headed West to investigate a strange glow on the horizon. It turned out to be an elven black-ops fire team, performing the triennial exterminatus of the Blasted Lands. As Murdock found a band of surviving orcs (and defiled their princess), Taliyana used her royal authority to halt the elven operation.

The party then followed a riverbed to a lake of toxic sludge protecting an island containing a friendly mongrelman village. They continued on to the ruins of the orcish capital, Ak’Reth, where Biff tricked some mutant ogres into revealing the location of the lair of Gwalock, the orcish chief apparent. Bartering with the obese orc, they learned that the next Tablet had been traded to a goblin witchdoctor several years ago.


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