Tablets of Fate

Into New Eridell

Cosmopolitan Canyon-City

Gortas, Taliyanaa, Biff, and Sinbreena went to the upper tier to meet with the Ruling Council, and arranged to help the city deal with an impending ecological crisis in exchange for a few magic trinkets. Meanwhile, Tosh and Illiana joined Chomski in the lower tier’s town square to rally the workers. But another demagogue riled them up to a violent mob, and the City Watch stormed in. Order was restored, but a few workers died in a hail of crossbow fire, and Chomski was arrested for murdering a hobgoblin industrialist named Brontleback Hacklimb.

While Sinbreena tracked down a clue to the next tablet being “in a swamp,” Taliyana and Biff investigated Brontleback’s murder and discovered the true culprit: his brother, Slice. Thus exonerated, Chomski was released, and helped the party plan an epic concert to raise awareness of the need to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” so that the waste dump, the Erid Butthole, wouldn’t overflow and flood out the laborers of the undercity and shantytown.

The party all went to investigate the chasm into which the waste river flows, and determined that it is unfathomably deep, and is rising at the rate of about 100’ per day, leaving less than 3 weeks until it overflows. They retained the services of a gnomish inventor to design a powerful depth charge, hoping to blow up whatever might be obstructing the Erid Butthole’s drain.


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